VRChat Installation Instructions

So you got a new VRChat Avatar and want to learn how to install it? WATCH THIS VIDEO or read the below. These instructions are for Swaggers Avatar, but any files you get from us are setup in the same way and so they will work for any of our Custom VRChat Avatars!

1. Go to VRChat.net and download the latest SDK and Unity files.

2. Download and open Unity, and drag and drop the VRChat SDK into the Unity project folder.

3. Press "VRChat SDK" at the top, and select "settings". Then log in using your VRChat account credentials.

Step 3

4. Import the unity package given to you in the email by dragging and dropping it from your folder into Unity.

Step 4

5. Click the "youtooz" folder open in Unity, and double click the Unity icon named "swagger". Do not touch anything else in the folder.

6. Your model should be ready to upload.

7. Press "VRChat SDK" at the top and click "show build control panel", and click "Build & Publish"

8. Name your Model when prompted, and check box said "The Above information is accurate and I have the rights to upload this content to VRChat, and click "Upload"

9. Congratulations! Your model is ready on VRChat! Select in you menu called "avatars", and you're ready to swagger!