2ft Pepe
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2 Feet
Pepe Green
End of 2019
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2 FOOT Pepe?!

This is a 2 foot tall version of our 3" Sad Pepe. It's approximately 500x bigger than the 3" Pepe by volume. Perfect for your living room, as a friend for your pet, on your dresser or anywhere else you want to display a 2 foot tall Pepe. It measures approximately 24" x 15" x 20" in size and weighs approximately 15lbs. Only 94 of these will ever be made, each one comes in a custom foam box with a number written on denoting which one it is of the 94. Shipping is free and included in the price.

The Collectible

Warning: extremely rare, 2ft Pepe! There are only 94 Pepe's like this in existence. Cry with him. Laugh with him. Have him hold you. Sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl material, Sad Pepe is now available in 2 foot form. Glance over to see Pepe ponder his sadness room as a butterfly lands on his index finger. This moment captured in vinyl form is worth one thousand words. Pepe reminisces the simplicity and beauty of a childhood that is long gone. On his arm is a tattoo of Youtooz's signature eyes. The colorway of this collectible puts pepe in his typical blue shirt and classic shorts.

About 2ft Pepe

Pepe is an internet legend. Simply a frog with a humanoid body, pepe's origin can be traced on early internet forums. His face and catchphrases have been seen by millions, used to express emotions including joy, melancholy, sadness, surprise and rage. Malicious people have tried to take pepe away from the internet with attempts to make him a symbol for something he's not. Luckily these efforts have proved unsuccessful. You can now have Pepe as a companion in 2 foot form. Feelsgoodman.jpg