Five Nights At Freddy's

Strawberry Peach Gummies

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Youtooz introduces the limited edition FNAF Freddy and Vanny gummies!
Purchasable on a monthly subscription, every month we’ll mail you 6 packs of FNAF gummies. The gummies are low sugar, plant based and gluten free!

Only ships to addresses in the United States.

Each Bag Contains
Nutrition Info
Plant based & vegan friendly
Low sugar
Gluten Free
Good for your soul

Made in the USA
Our gummies are made with care and packaged for enjoyment in Vermont.

Good for the soul and sure to put a smile on your face

  • 5g of sugar, 4x less than your average gummies
  • Tastes sweet but with half the calories of average gummy packs
  • All natural plant based ingredients, candy without the bad stuff