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The Collectible

I'll see what I can do. Manager Ryan makes his vinyl debut with the release of his collectible Youtooz. At 5 inches tall, this very important businessman is a force to be reckoned with. Catch him closing deals left and right and organizing the unorganizable all while being a part-time dad to a crew of the biggest gaming creators. In this figure he wears a relaxed blue tracksuit and hypebeast sneakers. On his head is a blue bucket hat with his RyanP logo printed in yellow. His beard is carefully sculpted onto the face which carries the expression of business success. Don't like him? Too bad. Watch as he flips the bird while wearing a shiny gold rolex on his wrist. RyanP doesn't answer to anyone. The packaging was designed in collaboration with Ryan and includes his pet dog, unique smartcar and more. The collectible ships in an embossed, matte protective sleeve.

About RyanP

Getting his start in the Minecraft community, RyanP has developed into one of the most famous dealmakers in the industry. He's the driving force behind the Misfits podcast, live show and wild group events. He's very important and he knows it.