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So many emotions in one fist. Youtooz officially collaborates with PBS KIDS® and Marc Brown to bring this internet moment to life. We worked with the creator of Arthur™ to recreate this classic scene from Arthur's universe. And boy does it hit us directly in the feels. When D.W.™ breaks his model airplane, an angry Arthur fights to hold back his feelings. Standing 4.8 inches tall, Arthur comes sculpted wearing his typical yellow sweater, blue jeans and glasses. The window box is inspired by elements from the suburban street where the scene takes place. The double-walled window box ships in a matte, embossed protective sleeve.

  • Height 4.8”
  • Colorway Fist
  • Release 04/17

Who is Arthur?

So many emotions in one fist

Arthur Read is everyone's favorite aardvark. Premiering in 1996, this longest-running, children's animated television show has taught us how to deal with the challenges of growing up since the '90s. Set in fictional Elwood City, Arthur has one of most iconic opening theme songs on tv, set to a reggae beat performed by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

The sneakers, jeans, sweater, head and glasses are sculpted out of a smooth, matte material that is gentle to the touch. Arthur stands 4.8 inches tall.

It's just so relatable. The emotion. Arthur's fist is a mood.