How Youtooz Vinyl Figurines Are Made

The process of creating a vinyl Youtooz is far from simple! Check out this behind-the-scenes to learn more about what it takes to create a Youtooz. All the way from the initial idea to cute figurine!

Let’s Start!


5-8 Hours

Youtooz in-house artists sketch poses and moments to capture a character in collaboration with the person or team the Youtooz is based on. For many designs we do live sketching sessions with screen-share, review mood-boards, or capture ideas through a form which covers everything head to toe for the Youtooz. The polished concept is then shared with the creator, IP holder, or owner of the character for approval. Usually a few rounds of revisions are made to the concept based on feedback or areas of improvement.

Blueline sketch of the cabbage merchant
20+ artists
Our design team is made up of over 20 professionally trained artists working for Youtooz full-time in North America. From concept artists to packaging illustrators to 3D modelers - every Youtooz is carefully crafted by our team to look unique and epic.
Emiri's original sketch concept for her Youtooz
Average revisions of a concept to approval
Final concept which is submitted for approval!

Turn-around and color guide

5-8 Hours

The Youtooz concept artist creates a 4-point turn around of the concept to see how it will look in 3D and decides on the pantone colors that will be painted on the model. Over 3,000 pantone colors exist in varying shades and styles making the selection process very important to capturing the character in physical painted form.

Pantone color guide
2D turnaround and lineart of Sad-ist


8-16 Hours

The concept artist hands off the pantone color guide and turnaround files to our 3D modeling team. The Youtooz sculptor will then create the first 3D version of the Youtooz - basically molding a piece of "digital clay" into the figure. The initial 3D model is then shared with the creator, IP holder or owner for review.

3D turnaround of Cuphead Revealed
3D model and greyscale version
Feedback from the Avatar team on Toph's 3D model.


8-20 Hours

While the Youtooz sculptor is working on the 3D model, our packaging artists work with the creator or IP owner to sketch the window-box artwork. The artwork is a collaboration between the Youtooz artist and the creator, IP holder, or owner covering the interior, exterior and sleeve. Brainstorming can be anything from describing the scene to be sketched or going over references from past content. Usually it takes 4-8 hours of design time to get the first version for the character owner to review and comment on.

Tectone shared his own ideas for the exterior and interior packaging!
Final sketch presented to Tectone
Tectone shared a repeating pattern for the interior


3-4 Weeks

After the packaging artwork and 3D model is complete, our design team hands off the character files to the Youtooz manufacturing team. The first step in production is to create a 3D printed sample which is used to review how the Youtooz will look in physical form.

Reviewing WolfyChu's prototype for areas of improvement.
Adding glue to assemble the Tortoise & Dino Youtooz.


4-8 Weeks

Once a sample has been approved by the creator or IP owner the steel-mold production begins. The steel is cut with a CNC machine to form each part and accessory of the Youtooz. The more complex a design, the longer the mold takes. We've had some that have taken half a year to perfect. Once we're done with a mold, we recycle the steel so it can be reused in making a new figure in the future.

Mold being prepared for injection
Injection molding machine
Over 500kg
Is the weight of an average Youtooz mold. These molds require a mini crane to move.

Vinyl Injection

3-4 Weeks

With the mold finished, liquid vinyl is now injected into the mold and once cooled creates each piece of the Youtooz. Part by part a Youtooz comes together!

Vinyl pieces of Sad-ist before being painted and assembled.
More than 1400
people work across dedicated production lines making Youtooz at our partner facilities
Sad-ist Youtooz pieces being removed from the mold after the injection molding is complete.
Pad printing the facial features of Kubz Scouts.

Assembling and Paint

3-4 Weeks

After all the parts are created, the production team then assembles each Youtooz figure by hand while meticulously painting details like eyes, clothes, and other accessories.

Painting the details of the Troll Face Youtooz.
Touching up the eye paint detail on Nightfall.

QA Design and pantone check

3-4 Weeks

As production starts to come together, our quality assurance and quality control teams begin inspecting each figure for defects or inconsistencies. Once passed through review, the Youtooz are ready to be placed inside their window box and get shipped to our warehouse.

Youtooz are inspected for color consistency, size, balance, firmness, and other factors that ensure a perfect figure.
Reviewing Hurt Peter's pants against the green pantone swatch.
96 checks
We have a 96 point checklist that each Youtooz is inspected for during our production process before being packed

Packaging and shipping

1-4 Weeks

Once packaged in the window box and protective sleeve, each Youtooz is placed into a protective case at our warehouse and then put into a carton, ready to ship out to you. Thousands of Youtooz ship out every day.