Youtooz Austin (Manual)
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With the drop of this figure, we are donating $30,000 to The Last Mile. Founded in 2010, The Last Mile provides coding and technology training to incarcerated men, women, and young adults looking to improve themselves. Since 1970 the prison population in America has increased 700% with over half of all incarcerated people ending up back behind bars after release. The Last Mile focuses on educating individuals looking to change their lives with valuable technology skills and assistance after release with job placement, boasting a 0% re-incarceration rate for citizens that go through the program.

Youtooz chose The Last Mile to shed light on the often forgotten. Being in jail does not mean your life is over.

To learn more about how The Last Mile is changing lives through tech visit

Dear Youtooz Community,

Things have grown faster than we could have imagined and basically the only thing that has remained the same is that communicating with all of you is the most fun part of every single day. I know everyone at Youtooz agrees with me on that. its Todd pls help austins aking me typ this. Seeing real friendships formed because of the Youtooz community is something we will never forget. We're really excited to see more form.

I remember like it was yesterday that I was able to reply to all your DMs. Myself and the only few people working on Youtooz at the time would fight over who gets to answer them each day since we only had a few. Every time one of you would send us a DM we'd share it around. Now we see Hollywood productions and Picasso art pieces based around Youtooz made by you guys every day.

The inspiration behind this figure is a mixture of all your drawings. Also it's that i like burgers and fries. When my keyboard gets greasy i accidentally send leaks to chat when im reviewing files but it's worth it. the shoes rep tupac, riptupac. i also work all night and usually sleep during the day and im pretty sure owls do that too so that works out also. we forget to add legs but w.e. and also btw including this 1 Dead Meme is still my favorite figure. 👌👌👌

From 69k rts to 420k rts, this journey has been wild. Let's keep it that way all the way to 420k rts and then to 690k rts xd Without red and green names, Youtooz would not be where it is. Special shoutouts below (adding more as they come):

About Youtooz Austin

Austin is the Canadian co-founder of Youtooz.

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