8-BitRyan x Music Man
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Eternal Silence

The Collectible

Ryan’s ready for guard duty as he returns with his second Youtooz! With his torso emerging from between two long red stage curtains he cautiously makes his way forward at a quivering 4.4”. His long brown fringe falls down the side of his face as his head twists around glancing backwards. Ryan’s face is full of fear with his eyebrows raised and teeth clenched hard. For his duties he’s donned a guards uniform consisting of a white button up shirt with black buttons and shoulder straps. His long black tie falls down towards the ground curling slightly. Little does Ryan know that Music man has been stalking him and sits above the curtain laying in wait, his golden symbols held out getting ready to let loose a horrifying crash. His wide toothy mouth and pink markings stand out against his pure white body, while a black top hat sits upon his head. The exterior of his packaging shows Ryan fleeing from Music Man’s pursuit in front of a stage illuminated in a purple haze. While the interior is a solid black, spattered with neon yellow and pink star outlines. This collectible's concept was designed in collaboration with community member and artist @therealracckun. The protective sleeve replicates the inside of a vent with dangling red and blue electrical wires.

About 8-BitRyan

8-BitRyan, is an English Youtuber known for his videos playing in FNAF, Geometry Dash and other horror games. He’s known for his scary gameplay which has gained millions of views since the creation of his channel in 2015.

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