Risk of Rain 2
Acrid Plush (9in)
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The Plush

Youtooz has unlocked Acrid and all it took was a plush debut! Sitting at 9 inches tall with two chained arms sitting at their front as clawed feet stick upwards and as short tail juts out from their back, a wide smile of curved teeth crosses their long reptilian face which has two sets of lime green eyes as a series of blue striped spines run down their back. This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of a soft minky material, absolutely perfect for cuddling or fighting alongside!

About Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike third-person shooter developed by Hopoo Games, PlayEverywhere and published by Gearbox, in which you take the role of a Survivor who is stranded on an alien planet and must scavenge, loot and fight to survive as the hostile world grows stronger against you!

© 2024 Gearbox. Published and distributed by Gearbox Publishing. Gearbox and Risk of Rain, and the Gearbox Publishing logo, are registered trademarks of Gearbox. Developed by Hopoo Games, LLC.

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