Akidearest Ramen Edition
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The Collectible

Akidearest makes her triumphant vinyl return with the soupiest Youtooz yet! Kicking back and relaxing in a thick steamy broth with her arms outstretched, she sits in pure bliss at 3.9 inches tall. Her face lets out a content drool from an open mouth while her dreamy eyes are thick with a pink blush, in contrast, her thick blue balayage hair is split by two pointed ears that curl upwards. A revealing blue tank top dips into the soup of thick noodles, pork and fishcakes as long chopsticks and tempura poke out of the elegant black, blue and orange bowl she stews in. The exterior of her packaging is a close up of chopsticks picking up the most delicious looking noodles. While the interior is a beautiful blue steam that rises in soft plumes. The protective sleeve resembles her ramen bowl with black walls and a delicate blue pattern across its top. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping. This collectible was designed in collaboration with Akidearest.

About Akidearest

Agnes, also known as Akidearest, is a content creator currently living in Japan. She is best known for discussing anime, manga, otaku culture and creating other Japanese related content to her millions of subscribers on Youtube.

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