Albert Plush (2ft)
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Twofoot Momtom

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The Collectible

Mom Tom, Mom Tom! Albert’s two foot jumbo edition, extra soft, designer plush is brought to life by Youtooz. Don’t let your urge to cuddle this perfectly cute plushie let you drop your guard. Known for clever quick antics, it’s never a good idea to leave Albert out of your sight for too long! Stuffed to the seams with delicate pp-cotton, this plush is durable and is prepared to handle thousands of hugs in the years to come. The illustration, material design and construction process of this collectible was done by Youtooz artists in careful collaboration with Albert. He wears a red t-shirt and black shorts with rounded black shoes worn over white socks. Hands include delicate stitching for each individual finger, as well as sewn in eyes, eyebrows and mouth! This plush is 24 inches tall and ships in a custom made, waterproof mailer using specifications made by Youtooz for maximum protection from the elements.

About Flamingo

Albert Aretz, better known as Flamingo and formerly known as AlbertsStuff is known for his Yo Tengo, Earthworm Sally, Su Tart, Felipe and Still Chill memes. Sometimes known as Flam Go, he has been steadily growing on Youtube to be a beloved creator with a vibrant personality.

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