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Cyber Angel

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"Can you help me find my memory..?"

Amemiya Nazuna is here to debut her Youtooz! I mean, she may not remember why she's here... but she is! This mysterious girl is dressed in her classic look and stands at 5.1 inches tall with her knees slightly bent inwards as her black and white shoes are adorned with the cutest black bows on their front. Black ribbons then wrap around her left leg and ascend up to her knee as she is wears black shorts with a white and black frilly crop top. A long pale blue flowing coat hangs just off her shoulders and has oversized sleeves that end in black ruffles to cover her hands, while a single wing extends from her left shoulder. Wearing a stylish white beret, her cute bob of blue and purple sits falls down over shining eyes which are mismatched in color and an adorable smile that reveals a single sharp tooth. The windowed display box has been illustrated to showcase a scene from inside Amemiya's home. This ornate space shows a wall full of books, while a desk sits in the foreground covered in trinkets and candy. While the interior of the box shows a light blue background decorated with floating keys and other notable images from her streams and past. The protective sleeve has been made with a pink to green colour gradient speckled with fluffy clouds. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Amemiya

Amemiya Nazuna is a Japanese language VTuber and part of VShojo, who is thought to be an angel who has forgotten her past, and can be found streaming on Twitch and uploading to YouTube. Since starting her channels in June of 2022 after being teased through some other notable Vtubers channels, she has grown to have 280k followers across Twitch and over 200k subscribers on YouTube.

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