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The Collectible

Anomaly is depicted here in his regular attire, flexing the Youtooz box logo. Being a full time internet clown has made him take to his favorite vehicle — the children's tricycle. He can barely ride it though, since it doesn't have training wheels! This 4.76 inch collectible is sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high quality vinyl. The tricycle is painted bright red, and comes with the front tire deflated from Anomaly's antics 😂😂😂. The figure is wearing a limited edition Youtooz box logo sweater, and is barefoot. Each individual toe was sculpted by artists to perfection. The window box is designed after Anomaly's adventures on the waters in Malta. Expect to receive this collectible in a protective, matte exterior window box.

About Anomaly

Anomaly, A.K.A. Fat Pewdiepie, is a Swede who doctor's describe as "very special". Anomaly is Sweden's best CS:GO player, is always unboxing knives and recording himself being stupid with his friends. Very nice papa!

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