Anomaly & Papanomaly Plush Bag (1ft)
$34.99 USD
Very Nice

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The Plush

The amazing Anomaly & Papanomaly plush bag debuts on Youtooz! Very nice! This lovely plushie features a soft, see through bag that contains 6 unique plushies of Anomaly’s face (plus a gun) inside! Inspired by his Twitch emotes, you can now clown, cry, smile, pog, love to express your emotions and even threaten your friends with a plush pistol! Each face is carefully embroidered and packed full of ultra-soft 100% PP-cotton. The bag itself includes a clear window, and the embroidered words Anomaly & Papanomaly. This plush is 12 inches tall and ships in a custom made, waterproof mailer using specifications made by Youtooz for maximum protection from the elements.

About Anomaly

Anomaly, A.K.A. Fat Pewdiepie, is a Swede who doctor's describe as "very special". Anomaly is Sweden's best CS:GO player, is always unboxing knives and recording himself being stupid with his friends. Very nice papa!

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