$29.99 USD
July 1
Golden Apple

The Collectible

Welcome to Minecraft... Wait, I mean Youtooz!

AntVenom makes his Youtooz debut! Coming in at an impressive 5” with a big toothy grin showing through his thick black goatee. He triumphantly holds a shiny golden apple in his outstretched left hand while standing casually with one leg crossed over the other. His right hand resting on a diamond bladed sword, propping him up. A purple and gold amulet sits in the centre of his chest, held in place with a grey chain and harness. While his black long sleeve shirt is cuffed at the wrists with grey and white stripes. His outfit is completed by a long vibrant red cape printed with the AntVenom logo. The exterior of his packaging shows a hazy blue night sky cutest fox frolicking around with a diamond sword in its mouth in front of a Minecraft home. While the interior shows a world mid catastrophic explosion with TNT boxes flying through the air. The protective sleeve shows a sprawling underground cave littered with chests, torches and mob spawners. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About AntVenom

AntVenom is an American Minecraft Youtuber known for essay videos about the mechanics and features of the game, often with him breaking it in the process. Since he started creating content in 2008, he has continued to delight his millions of followers with his thoughtful videos, gaining over a billion views in the process.

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