Apricot Froot
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Hopeless Necromantic
August 21 – September 21

The Collectible

"I love your soul, mind if I borrow it??"

Apricot the Lich has expanded her soul-collecting endeavours and is now a Youtooz figure! This undead spellcaster stands on her tippy toes 4.8 inches tall in just the cutest pose, wearing cute black platform sandals that are adorned with little heart buckles on their sides. With dark tights covering her legs and a demonic purple and black skirt, complete with a pentagram belt buckle in the centre, small purple coffin pouches are fixed at her sides. While on her torso she wears a strappy black top with a scalloped bottom that wraps around her midriff. With one hand resting just above her knee and the other bending upwards holding a big lollipop close to her mouth, her tongue sticks out playfully as black and purple wings extend from her sides. With a black choker around her neck that has a purple demon eye in the centre, her ears stick out from flowing lavender hair that frames her face, while atop her head is her black crown and bat hairpin along with four curling horns that point backwards. The windowed display box has been illustrated with a dark scene from the underworld, showing a pathway that is flanked by skeletons leading to a dark home in the back. While the interior of the box has been designed with a skull and candle pattern across a purple background. The protective sleeve shows sprawling blue flames across the entire box. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.


About Apricot

Apricot the Lich, or as her friends and fans might call her Froot, is an English illustrator and VTuber who debuted in 2020 as one of the first members of the Vtuber company VShojo. She lives in the underworld and made the decision to start streaming when she realised subscribers could be disguised as souls that she might harvest. She has gathered over 620 thousand souls, or subscribers across Twitch and YouTube.

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