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Muffin Rat

The Collectible

How to make an Adorable Muffin.


  • 2 Scoops of Potato
  • 1 Fuzzy Rat
  • 3 Quacks
  • 1 Mr Squeegy


  1. Begin by adding a pinch of Skeppy
  2. Mix all ingredients in a bucket while bald
  3. Bake at 14 degrees.

All you need in this life is a fish and a bucket. BadBoyHalo spawns in the Youtooz metaverse leaning on a giant muffin and holding a bucket. Meticulously sculpted wearing his black hood with red trim, two tone grey scarf, diamond sword held on his back with brown straps, brown and iron kneepads and grey high top sneakers with red accents, he is smiling with visible sharp canine teeth with white Youtooz eyes. The water in the bucket is splashing from a multicolored fish trying to get out. Lucy AKA rat pokes her head out of the supersized delicacy, while BadBoyHalo holds on to a handful of chocolate chip muffin preparing for a snack. The double-walled window box was illustrated in collaboration with BadBoyHalo to reflect his version of a biome littered with buckets, water, and fish. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Badboyhalo

BadBoyHalo is a content creator living in America known for his gaming content. Known for his sense of humor and love of muffins BadBoyHalo is a legend in the making.