Baker Rammie (1ft)
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Edition of 500.

The Plush

Baked with a little extra love! Rammie returns, sitting at 12 inches, starting his new job as a cute baker. He is dressed very professionally, with his baker's hat fit snug on top of his head. His brown horns peek through the hat. He is fitted with a detachable tan apron on top of a white shirt. He has some patches of white flour around his face- he's working really hard and the 3 inch Rammie cookie plush that comes along side is the proof! This plush is made out of 100% soft PP cotton and is generously filled with stuffing.

About Rammie

The internet’s most favorite (and let’s be honest, best) Ram. Spawned by renowned 6'3 online businessman Schlatt, Rammie is an adorable ram with an eye out for his next shenanigans. With his cat Jambo, world domination is simply a matter of time.

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