Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Kazooie Pin Set (Friends)
$29.99 USD
Pin-tendo 64

The Pins

This exquisite collector’s box contains an assortment of 5 (five) high quality enamel pins that sees Tooty tootin’ away, Mumbo holding his staff up high, Bottles happily with hands together, a shining Jiggy and of course a gleeful Jinjo. Jinjo pin comes in one of 8 potential colorways in random selection: Purple, orange, blue, black, silver, green, red, and yellow. With each pin measuring at 2 inches, they’re finished in a dazzling shine and are perfect for decorating your room or expressing yourself attached to a tote, backpack, fanny pack or jacket. These pins are sure to turn heads and catch the eyes of anyone you pass, letting them know who has the ultimate love for a classic!

About Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo‐Kazooie is a true retrogaming classic filled with endearing characters that fans still celebrate. The bear and bird duo enjoyed great critical acclaim on their quests to stop the evil witch Gruntilda, while earning the support of a generation of gamers.

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