Beasty Shawn
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FGTeeV Shawn

The Collectible

The FGTeeV family arrives to Youtooz with their vinyl figure debut! Beasty Shawn stands at 4.5 inches tall, with a big, wide smile on his face. He is dressed in a hoodie that has different tones of green and a cute ghost in the middle and wears black shorts with sneakers that are green, black, and white to complete the outfit. His left arm is posed in a fist and held up in the air with his right hand holds out a toy gun. The exterior of the windowed display box shows a bunch of cute ghosts floating around a colorful blocked background. The interior of the box have more ghosts floating around with different facial expressions, while the protective packaging is a series of jagged colored shapes as his figure can be seen through the large clear window at the packaging’s front. This collectible was designed in collaboration with community member @therealracckun and ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve with a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About FGTeeV

FGTeeV, or Family Gaming Teams' Extraordinarily Entertaining Videos, is an American family who create YouTube videos and are best known for their gaming and vlogs. Throughout the years they have been making content, they have amassed over 22.3 million subscribers and become one of the largest viewed gaming channels with over 24 billion views!

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