Beef Boss
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The Collectible

Poofesure's Beef Boss is a character out of Poofesure's imagination. A professional athlete that Tommy, Matt, Elisa, and Sakura cannot handle, remotes quiver when they hear his name. Inspired by a design created by Poofesure, this wacky collectible stands 4.5 inches tall with unusual proportions. Holding a baseball bat, with eyeballs sculpted on top of the face, this is not your typical Youtooz. We're not even sure if we can clarify him as human. Wearing sweatbands on each wrist, a yellow t-shirt and yellow shoes, this unconventional collectible is more athletic than he looks. Ranked high on the leaderboard, Beef Boss comes in a double-walled window box designed in collaboration with Poofesure to reflect his digital sports achievements. The interior includes a repeating pattern of burgers overplayed on a frozen television screen. Beef Boss is the greatest athlete in known history and this is not a new hat.

About Poofesure

Poofesure (pronounced "poof-eh-shure") is a gaming creator specializing in sports and shooters. Born in Michigan, and now living in Florida, Poofesure is a comedian and entertainer known for losing his temper.

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