Blooprint Plush (9in)
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Rusty Blue

The Plush

Welcome... to Rust!

Blooprint hasn't rusted over yet, now they are an official Youtooz plush you can take home! This adorable blue bear sits at 9 inches tall in front of a campfire with his legs sitting forward. Around his neck is a lush fluffy, slightly darker blue, patch of fur that wraps around his neck and hangs lower in the front, similar to a scarf. On this bear's face, their facial expression is stern, showing a furrowed brow over the classic Youtooz eyes. This plush is stuffed full of ultra-soft 100% PP cotton so it is perfect for cuddling, or playing Rust with!

About Blooprint

Blooprint is an American Youtuber and Twitch streamer who gained notoriety and popularity by their focus on "Rust" gameplay! They first uploaded to their YouTube channel in 2016, and their mastery of the game Rust has grown their following to over 2.5 million subscribers across Twitch and YouTube!

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