Breadskate Plush (1ft)
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Footlong Breadskate IRL
Jun 1–30

The Plush

Hot and fresh out of the oven, the world’s softest, cuddliest breadskate is here! Jameskii’s invention of a loaf of bread on wheels (patent pending) has made its way into the Youtooz universe. At 12 inches in length, his cuddly plush has stitched on blue wheels, grey tracks and embroidered black Youtooz Racing logo on the stitched into the underside of the plush. Please do not try to ride this downhill, you will not cover much ground. The plush ships in protective packaging, made to be delivered to your door in the safest manner possible.

About Jameskii

Born too late to explore the Earth. Born too soon to explore the galaxy. Born just in time to see a man send bread to the edge of space. Jameskii is a content creator who is often found exploring the depths and surface of the VR universe. Can’t believe they turned Jameskii into a real toy!