Brody Foxx
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Yo Mama

The Collectible

He’s the handsome host of Yo Mama — the popular animated series that makes fun of your mother! The adopted son of Octavio and Sargent Foxx, Brody Foxx grew up not knowing who his biological parents were. Little does Brody know, his mysterious past will soon unlock ancient, hidden secrets in the Joe Mama series. Standing at a muscular 4.8 inches tall, Brody Foxx is as handsome as he is well spoken. His skin is tanned, and hair is bright blonde. He wears a tight salmon colored polo, collar popped, and white pants and khaki shoes. He’s stepping on a squished, short mama. His double-walled window box is illustrated to show Brody's love for the outdoors, using his branding around the exterior.

About Brody Foxx

Brody Foxx is the narrator of the Yo Mama animated series on Youtube. He likes to talk smack about your mom and dad. His channel has grown to millions of viewers since the debut in 2011.

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