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Pineapple Defender

The Collectible

Just try me in 200CC. Pineapple pizza enthusiast. Omnipotent, all powerful being. Don't leave the figure in the dark. BrodyAnimates is seated at 4.4 inches tall, wearing red and white heelys, white pants and a blue shirt. He wears a red hat over his voluminous hair, and holds a sharpie in his hand. The pineapple in between his legs includes eyes and a face drawn by Brody and symbolizes his love for pineapple on pizza. His double-walled window box uses splashes of dark red paint on a deep blue canvas, symbolizing his maddening creative process. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About BrodyAnimates

Brody Boutcher, also known as BrodyAnimates, is a Canadian content creator working on animated videos. He is best known for his cute animation style and funny storylines.