Builder Kryoz
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Poly Scooter

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The bridge expert. You know, I'm not too sure what we've learned, but we learned something. Builder Kryoz scoots up on Youtooz with the new limited edition release of KryozGaming. Wearing a brown cowboy hat, Kryoz wears a red long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and light brown colored cowboy boots. Around his neck and wrists are two silver chains, and on the fingers silver and gold rings. He rides on a baby blue scooter with black wheels and a black seat, zipping around as he builds and destroys bridges. The double-walled window box uses a polygon inspired aesthetic, drawn by Youtooz artists and Kryozgaming. It features a scene of a bridge falling apart into water. The collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective sleeve.

About Kryozgaming

John, also known as KryozGaming is a content creator who's known for vaping hard, dominating uno and playing a variety of games. He also makes Youtube videos, they're pretty good, we promise.

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