Business Soup
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Monkey Business

The Collectible

From gator slain' to Wall Street, this Soup means business. The collectible sits 4.7 inches tall while sitting on a black office chair. Soup is holding a document with the heading "monkey business" in his left hand. He is wearing a grey blazer on top of a white collared shirt, and a tie with gold detailing descends from his neck. The collectible is wearing grey shorts, and black shoes with white socks just poking out overtop. Soups' Blonde hair cascades onto his shoulders, as it is pushed back from a black headset with a grey mic angled to his mouth. Above his perfect stache are a cool pair of grey-rimmed sunglasses. The exterior of his packaging shows bitcoins raining from above. With Soup sitting with his back to several screens showcasing rising stock graphs. Scattered around him on the ground are large bags of money, as well as two bitcoin barbells. The interior of the package continues the shower of golden coins and sprinkles in falling green bills and an inspirational quote. This figure was made in collaboration with community designers @spookythekitty_ and @therealracckun!

About Soup

Soup is a Youtuber from South Carolina with over 2 million subscribers who chews tobacco, shoots guns and makes gaming videos with a group of friends.

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