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Wood Fired Pizza

The Collectible

Mhm mhm yeah oh yeah baby mhm oh yeah this is a Youtooz mmmmhm oh yeah. CallMeCarson has finally been turned into a collectible. Sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl, the figure stands 4 inches tall and wears Carson's trademark jacket, dad jeans and Wood Fired Pizza t-shirt. The figure comes in a double-walled window box designed in collaboration with CallMeCarson and is protected by an exterior embossed sleeve.

About CallMeCarson

CallMeCarson records videos showcasing funny moments on Discord, in games and on the internet. His online notoriety grew exponentially with the release of his classic Invading Discord Servers video. Part of the Goopcast, Carson lives in the United States where he continues making memes, making content and running the SMP Live server.

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