Captain Puffy
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The Collectible

The waters are dangerous filled with clout chasers, clickbait titles, and uncontrollably high levels of cringe, but Puffy continues to navigate through the endless sea of memes all in the search for true internet treasure. Work like a captain, play like a pirate. The collectible was inspired by a design from Youtooz community member SpacePanda, which gained traction on Reddit. Captain Puffy stands tall, sailing in a wooden row boat through rough, turbulent waters with waves splashing up behind her. With one foot in front of the other, she’s confident she’ll get to where she’s going as she points ahead. Her hair is split down the middle in two colors, white and black. Detailed brown horns stick out of the top of her head, while the rest of her hair is covered by a black hat with yellow trim. On her body she wears traditional pirate clothing, matching the black and gold trim of her hat. Captain Puffy’s double-walled window box is designed to show the inside of a ship, trap door and all, symbolizing her adventures on sea. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Captain Puffy

Caroline, also known as Captain Puffy is a streamer and content creator on Youtube focused on gaming. In late 2020, she skyrocketed in popularity after appearing on livestreams in the Dream SMP. She is also left-handed.

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