Capybara Mug
$29.99 USD
Chill Vibes

The Mug

You know what time it is? It’s time to grab your favorite drink, slam it straight into Capybaras head, and pull up!

Made of ceramic, this mug is expertly sculpted in a Capybaras likeness with a large dark nose taking up its front and small round ears, while an orange yuzu fruit balances perfectly atop their brown head which can be detached to keep its contents safe! Not a coffee person? Don't worry! You can fill him up with trinkets, a plant or anything your heart desires! This Capybara would prefer to be hand washed but is perfectly microwave and dishwasher safe, watch him spin round and round in the microwave as he wakes up from a nap!

About Capybara

Capybaras are the worlds largest rodents who are native to South America. They inhabit savannas and dense forests and live near bodies of water. Due to their appearance and chill behavior, capybaras have become incredibly popular throughout the world.

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