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Ladies and Fricks

The Collectible

Behold, the world's most famous pillow throwing manchild is now available in collectible form! Don't be afraid of telling people you own this. Maybe this figure can help you decorate your bathroom or something. Very rare meme inside! At a height of 4.5 inches, Chadtronic wears a baby blue v-neck shirt, baggy brown pants that slightly drape over crisp white socks. In his hand he firmly grasps a pillow designed after a controller, be careful around this figure as he may have the tendency to hurl the pillow at any moment. His double-walled window box uses blue coloring on the outside, with a detailed illustration of Chadtronic’s pad on the interior. His matte, embossed, protective sleeve is modeled after a retro gaming controller.

About Chadtronic

Chadtronic reviews toys, vintage VHS home entertainment, and televised media of varying genres in a retrospective and comedic manner. Chadtronic's YouTube series pays heavy tribute to 90s pop culture, style, and humor.

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