Cheems Plush (1ft)
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Footlong Cheemsburbger

The Plush

Big, soft, happy. Cheems in plush form! At one foot in height, this side eye giving doge is a wonderful companion in the bedroom or living room. Often known as the partner to the dynamic duo with Swole Doge, Cheems is a fantastic item to send to someone you’re looking to make a statement about. The plush is extra soft and packed to the seams with 100% delicate PP-cotton. It includes an extra soft tail, smooth stitching on the snout, paws and ears, and two toned coloring on the belly, paws and back fur. This plush ships in beautifully illustrated packaging to protect it during its journey to your home.

About Balltze

Balltze is an 11 year old Shibu Inu living in Hong Kong. Initially gaining internet popularity in 2017 on Instagram, Balltze is the original Cheems and has spawned thousands of memes over the past few years.