Chelsea Rebecca
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Queen of the Dead

The Collectible

What do you get when you have a kid who is terrified of quite literally everything and isn't allowed to see horror movies? An absolute maniac adult who decides to taste the forbidden fruit and now watches horror movies for a living (but still plugs her ears during the scary bits). Chelsea Rebecca spawns as a cute, 4.6 inch tall collectible figure. Wearing a crow mask off one side of her head, white pearl earrings, she holds a blood stained axe fresh off a killing spree. Blood splatter covers her face, hand, axe handle and shoes. Posed in a ready stance, Chelsea can strike at any second. Chelsea's double-walled window box was designed to include bits from her favorite horror moments. The collectible ships in a matte, protective outer sleeve.

About Dead Meat

Dead Meat is one of the most popular horror oriented channels on Youtube. As well as making videos, James and Chelsea host the Dead Meat Podcast, home to many as their horror safe haven. They go through reviews, film history and all things that make your skin crawl.

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