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Dad Joke

The Collectible

Roses are red, violets are blue, all your dad wants is for you to come home before curfew. *Dad Noises*. Inspired by his oblivious suburban dad character, the inaugural Cherdley’s Youtooz has arrived. He stands 4.7 inches tall wearing a dark blue collared hawaiin shirt, jean shorts and brown sandals. Around his neck hang a pair of binoculars, and pink sunglasses. A brown fanny pack hangs loosely around his waist. Hands on his hips, Cherdleys is pleased to hang out with youngsters and fellow dads alike. His dark blue cap completes this design. His extra cute window-box shows a scene of Cherdleys answering the door with his daughter in the background. The sleeve includes a shove, as well as 'somebody's legs sticking out of a bush.

About Cherdleys

Chad Lebaron, also known as Cherdleys is a comedian and Youtuber living in the United States of America. He started uploading videos on his cellphone in 2011 and hasn't stopped since. Known for the different characters he plays in his skits, Cherdleys has grown to a cult following with millions of views.

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