Chilled Chaos Rexxar Plush (9in)
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The Collectible

Chilled Chaos returns with a second plush drop, featuring his dog Rex! Rex himself gave this plush a one tongue out rating so you know it's the real deal. Sitting at 9 inches, Rex wears a cute smile on his face as he wears a red hat on his head that has a red "C" embroidered in the middle. What a talented boy. His left ear is sticking up in the air while the right one is flopped down. This plush is made from 100% super soft PP cotton and is stuffed full for optimal hugs.

About ChilledChaos

Anthony, also known as ChilledChaos is a gamer from the United States of America. He uploads a variety of content on his Youtube channel and is known for his diabolical personality that comes out in full view when he's gaming.

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