Chris Ramsay
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Puzzle Magic

The Collectible

Art lies in the performance. Not the secret. Chris Ramsay stands 5 inches tall, wearing an orange long sleeve shirt, distressed black jeans, and hypebeast sneakers with purple laces. Caught in the act, he is frozen in time with a dynamic deck of detailed playing cards shuffling in one hand, while the other covers his mouth in anticipation of the trick. He wears his black hat with a red logo and includes his beautifully sculpted beard. The double-walled window box was illustrated by Youtooz artists following a lock and key design. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Chris Ramsay

Chris Ramsay is a German born magician, puzzle solver and vlogger living in Canada. He's known for his illusion tutorials, public illusion vlogs and videos reacting to bad magic!