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The Collectible

Animator, illustrator, epic gamer and overall goofball, CircletoonsHD enjoys making quick-witted cartoons about games, movies and memes. He has now been immortalized in Youtooz form! Standing 4.7 inches tall, his smooth, white head is sculpted out of matte Youtooz material. In one hand is a crimson red sword and in the other is a block of cheese. This versatile collectible is handy to bring along when pillaging a village or just to snack with. The double-walled window box is drawn to reflect a scene of a burning village complete with Circletoons mid-raid. The figure ships in a matte, embossed protective outer sleeve.

About CircletoonsHD

Maker of the best worst cartoons on the Internet, CricletoonsHD also known as Christian Brantley is an animator from Maryland. Racking up mill.

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