Cleetus Plush (2ft)
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Twofoot Hillbilly
March 15 – April 12

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The Collectible

Howdy! Cleetus is a country folk born in Albert’s imagination. His hobbies include hunting pigeons and hanging out with his former son, Cleetus Jr (please do not ask your plushie about the whereabout of Cleetus Jr). Cute and stuffed with the finest cotton, Cleetus is durably stitched together with a soft velvet hat and overalls. He’s makes a partner for watching shows, lounging around the house or playing with friends! Cleetus’s plushie was designed by Youtooz artists following the original release of the Cleetus collectible figure. Using similar proportions, the design team increased the size and cuteness of the original model. This plush is 24 inches tall and ships in a custom made, waterproof mailer using specifications made by Youtooz for maximum protection from the elements while Cleetus rides along his journey to you.

About Cleetus

Out of Albert's imagination into the real world, Cleetus has been immortalized in vinyl form! Yeeeeeehaaaaaw!