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The Collectible

ConnorEatsPants is welcomed by Youtooz for his limited edition release in April of 2020. Standing 4.7 inches tall, Connor wears a headband with his trademark pants logo, and holds a pair of pants in both arms. The figure is sculpted out of smooth material, with bite marks engraved into the pants doubling as holes. On the feet are extremely stylish croc shoes. Connor wears a yellow t-shirt and purple suit, as well as white gloves. The collectible comes in a beautiful double-walled window box, inspired by the texture of ripped jeans with chunks bitten out of them. Shipped in a protective, embossed outer sleeve this cute collectible is a lovely addition to your setup.

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About ConnorEatsPants

ConnorEatsPants, also known just as Connor, is a variety streamer known as the ninja of variety. He's been involved in speculative business ventures in game, and is known by viewers for his humor.