Cottontail Plush (9in)
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Dommy Mommy

The Plush

Cottontail makes her Youtooz debut with this adorable plushie! Sitting 9 inches tall with long locks of beautiful pastel pink and blue hair falling down her back, a tufted fringe at the center of her forehead as dangling strands stretched down either side to frame her blushing face. Opening her mouth wide to take a bite of the delicious orange carrot she holds clenched in her hands, a small fluffy tail sits at her back and two long ears with pink and blue insides reach up from her head as she wears a pink leotard and kicks her legs forward. This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and made of a mixture of sublimated and normal minky materials, absolutely perfect for cuddling or giving uppies to!

About Cottontail

CottontailVA is a VTuber Twitch Streamer and YouTuber known for her voice acting and hilarious streams where she plays a variety of games and is super engaged with her chat. Since her debut in 2020, she’s amassed over 200k followers on Twitch and 230k subscribers on Youtube.

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