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Crying Carson
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The Collectible

N-NO, NO, NO-OO! The iconic Crying Carson is now a Youtooz. With tears sculpted into the face, seated on a desk chair in headphones, this collectible captures this iconic CallMeCarson moment (Joe not included). Wearing his usual blue t-shirt and pants, the expression of sorrow this figure wears is one gamers know well. Packaged in a double-walled window box designed to show tears and a desk, this figure was designed in collaboration with Carson. It ships in a protected, matte, embossed outer sleeve.

For every purchase of the Crying Carson Youtooz $10 will be donated to The JED Foundation. Founded in 2000, The JED Foundation is the leading US organization dedicated to young adult mental health. Through partnering with high schools and colleges, JED equips teens and young adults with skills and knowledge to strengthen mental health, fight substance misuse, and put in place suicide prevention programs and systems.

About CallMeCarson

CallMeCarson records videos showcasing funny moments on Discord, in games and on the internet. His online notoriety grew exponentially with the release of his classic Invading Discord Servers video. Part of the Lunch Club, Carson lives in the United States where he continues making memes.

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