Cryptid Club Chupacabra Plush (6in)
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G.O.A.T sucker

The Plush

Hide your wives, hide your kids and hide your livestock! Cuz a Chupacabra is on its way to you!

Chupacabra makes their Youtooz debut at a size that'll make sure your local animals stay (mostly) safe! Sitting at 6 inches tall this adorable little bloodsucker's arms hang forward at the center of his body while his powerful hind legs keep him propped up on long clawed feet. With a trail of black spines running from their pale purple head down onto their long relaxed tail, two huge eyes shinning with bright white curved pupils from the sides of their small heads. This plush is absolutely packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of soft minky-like material, just keep it away from any stray goats!

About Cryptid Club

Cryptid Club is a Webtoon and Book created by American cartoonist Sarah Andersen. It chronicles the fun, endearing and incredibly relatable shenanigans of cryptids as they go about their nightly lives.

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