Cupcake Plush (1ft)
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Sprinkle Time!

The Plush

The absent minded Cupcake returns to Youtooz debuting this most magnificently fluffy plush! At 1ft tall with the most joyous smile imaginable, they let out an excited bleat from between two rosy cheeks while their soft legs fling out in front lazily. Their puffy black wool is topped with a smattering of rainbow sprinkles and is all encompassing as it surrounds their face and body to spill over the bright pink of the cupcake wrapper they’re happily nestled in. This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of normal minky and fleece materials, absolutely perfect for cuddling or taking down the Elite Four.

About RTGame

RTGame is an Irish guy who likes to commit warcrimes a bit too much. He streams on Twitch and uploads highlights to his Youtube channel. Subscribe to his channel or else.

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