D’Angelo Wallace
$29.99 USD
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The Collectible

This figure is guaranteed to make everything around it within a five foot radius 250% more attractive. Place strategically. D’Angelo Wallace is now available in vinyl form. He stands 4.7 inches tall, wearing a black cap, grey glasses and a beautiful jean jacket with dual strawberry prints. On his legs are salmon colored shorts, and red sneakers with white socks. His double walled window box features a design inspired by his Instagram account. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About D’Angelo Wallace

D’Angelo Wallace was born in 1998 and is best known for his work as a commentator on Youtube. His videos surround controversial internet personalities, and he is known for his research ability and coverage of hard-hitting topics. He has grown to millions of views since starting to upload in 2017.