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Family Man

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The Collectible

Ph1Lza returns with his second Youtooz figure, this time with the full family in tow! Standing at 5 inches tall, his tired face peers out from a crumpled bucket hat showing that he’s already reached his limit for the day with big bags under his eyes and pursed lips. Holding a somewhat ‘slimy’ coffee in one hand and an elated Techno in the other, over his green kimono he wears a grey fluffy lined robe, which is being pulled on either end by Tommy and Wilbur while Fundy watches delightedly perched on his shoulder. The exterior of his packaging shows Ph1Lza reluctantly at the helm of a car filled with his unruly ‘children’ causing complete havoc. While the interior recreates the countryside speeding past as seen through the windows of the car. The protective sleeve shows the boisterous car bouncing along a road. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping. This figure was designed by community members @ItsDirt_ and @ContraryLamp !

About Ph1LzA

Phil Watson, also known as Ph1lza is a Twitch streamer focusing on gaming, specifically within Minecraft. He’s known for his epic runs and long term survival in hardcore mode, where he was defeated by a spider after a 5 year run.

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