Danny Gonzalez
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The Collectible

Help, let me go. Greg is a fanbase, sure. But it’s also so much more than that. Greg is Family. We care for one another, and we are all blood related. Greg is a lifestyle. When you become Greg, your name legally changes to Greg. Greg is a great deal as a Greg, you have sold your soul to me and in exchange have received the gift of immortality. Greg is an army. The fastest growing army on the internet. Please do not look any of this up. Danny Gonzalez, black and orange glue gun in hand, enters the Youtooz universe. This collectible features Danny leaning on a detailed wooden nutcracker in a black hat with a red, white and yellow painted body. Danny is wearing his Greg shirt and a loose yellow tie. He smiles wide, with jeans tucked over white sneakers. His double walled window box features an illustration in 2D of Danny’s universe, showing his laptop setup, and a pattern of glue guns, Greg, music notes and other elements from Danny’s world. The interior is designed after the inside of a house, with beige walls and carpet, a shelf and nutcracker. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Danny Gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez is an American comedian and content creator on Youtube known for his commentary style videos. Getting his start in high school releasing videos on Vine, he has grown to millions of views around the world.