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Diamonds n’ Pugs

The Collectible

Learning a game and doing something wrong is sometimes funnier than being good at it. Small things sometimes mean a whole lot! Dan TDM enters the Youtooz universe, pug in each hand. Dan himself wears a baggy black hoodie with his logo printed on the chest. His black earrings are inspired by his irl look. On his feet are baby blue designer high top sneakers with baby blue pants tucked in. One pug sticks its tongue out while the other chills out. The interior of the packaging features the Dan TDM circular diamond logo, while the exterior is illustrated using black and blue gradients and diamonds littered on the floor.

About Dan TDM

Dan TDM (formerly The Diamond Minecart) is an internet personality, Youtuber, gamer, actor and author from the United Kingdom. He is known for his gaming commentary and holds the record for being one of the largest creators on Youtube with billions of views on his content.