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Dark Persona

The Collectible

“Did you miss me?”

Is that Markiplier? Wait…no it’s not…it’s Darkiplier! Standing at 4.8 inches tall and colored in a menacing greyscale with vibrant pink and teal illuminating his sides, he holds a dripping goblet forward enticingly in his outstretched left hand as his right arm folds behind his back. With an evil smile curling across his face revealing pointed teeth from under a thick mustache, his long fringe falls down to cover one eye as the other shines with a bright white from his dark face. Dressed impeccably, he wears a fitted two-piece suit with a thin tie and sharp black shoes that are embellished with small skulls at their top. The exterior of his packaging sees the static of a TV illuminating a dark room, while the interior is a continuing pattern of unsettling Markiplier faces in a red-to-green gradient. The protective sleeve is thick colored blocks of pink, black and teal as his figure can be seen through the large clear window at the packaging’s front. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Markiplier

Mark Edward Fischbach also known as the man with the wide neck or Markiplier is an American Youtuber, actor and comedian originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. Having amassed billions of views and tens of millions of subscribers, Markiplier's kindness, deep voice and booming laugh are recognizable worldwide.

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