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The Collectible

Well, well, well... Ima need y'all to listen up, listen close, and listen carefully. Y'all got snacks? Ok good. Remember! Just be a thug about it! But don't always be a thug about it! And don't count your chickens! But then again, if you can do it once, you can do it twice, hell maybe even thrice.... A wild dashie rages, jumping onto the Youtooz scene. This angry collectible is 4.7 inches tall. Wearing a beanie, red headphones, Dashie has a sculpted rage symbol in the top left of his head. He wears a blue shirt with a very detailed chest print of his raging logo. Over his shoulder peaks a smiling fox, hopefully calming Dashie down. In the palm of each hand is half of a broken controller complete with yellow and red internal wires sticking out. Dashie wears designer black sneakers with white laces, and regular grey pants. His double walled window box is inspired by 8bit lava dungeon design which sees Dashie making his way through an old school gaming level. The collectible ships in a matte, protective outer sleeve.

About Dashie

Dashie is a gaming Youtuber living in the United States. He creates skits, plays games and films unboxing videos. He's known for his short temper, but also for loving himself and others.