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What's Up, SLAPPERS! O M G Davie504 slaps his way into the Youtooz universe. He's stylish, he's smart, and he'll slap you if you don't slap the like button. This figure doesn't judge you when you look him in the eye. The stoic facial expression is what you need for moments when you're looking for some self-help and therapy. Tell him what you went through last week. He'll listen. The white and red headphones are sculpted to the cranium. If forced removal of the headphones is attempted, Davie's spirit may exit this figure to haunt you. Checkmate. The packaging has Davie holding his pistol, commanding you to slap like or else. The sleeve was designed after heavy granite, with a powerful hand imprinted on the back communicating the power of his slap. Incredible.

About Davie504

Davie504 is the internet's most famous bass guitar player. Originally from Italy, he's known for never taking off his headphones, slapping his bass, pineapple pizza and cultivating a fanbase of millions of likeminded slappers. Slap that like button like his bass!

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